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how old was Robert pattinson on the first day of shooting

He would have been 21

You know what’s really annoying. I remember before like 2008 when Twilight was new and everybody LOVED it. It was the time when only the really smart hipster people in school had read it and all the critics had high praises for it. I remember reading about how it was one of the best new novels for young adults and remember it beating Harry Potter as a bestseller at Barns and Noble. But, as a “hipster”, valedictorian type girl in the literary magazine I write for put it, “I only liked Twilight before it was popular.” Why is that? How can a book be highly praised and incredible, and then suddenly be teen rubbish when it becomes well-known? If only everybody read books with open minds, no expectations and no first impressions. Wouldn’t it be great if people didn’t judge a book series before actually reading it & before they truly considered the reasons why so many people love it? I can’t stand people who only like stuff and then dislike stuff to seem cool. 

“I would always love this fragile human girl, for the rest of my limitless existence.”  -Edward Cullen, Midnight Sun

a poem i wrote:

So, ever since I got the Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD, I’ve been having major post-Twilight depression. It may be because it’s just, ‘march, middle of the semester,’ or because it’s really sinking in that that part of my life is over. I wrote this poem in November and I just wanted to share it with you because I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way about the saga. xxx

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Someone please tell me why Breaking Dawn Part 2 wasn’t nominated for ANY MTV movie awards??? I mean, just the fact that they screwed us last year and the ratings went down proves that our fanbase has been a major portion of their show. I’m really sad because I was looking forward to that one last show because, well…the Saga is over so what else was there? That’d be like medicine to sooth this emptiness I feel. I know that seems dramatic, but really, Twilight has been a big part of my life and I hate how it’s vanishing. 

I think that we’re in the right to complain, my fellow Twihards. It was US who voted hundreds and hundreds of times before each award show to vote for our actors and movies and kisses! Even when more and more people jumped off the bandwagon, we stayed the committed and dedicated fans we are. 

Let’s start a rebellion. #ProtestMTV <3 lol. For real though. 

Is it just me or have all the Twilight tags been spammed for like weeks? I can’t even look for stills from Breaking Dawn without there being like a million fake videos or whatever. How do we stop this??

"November 21st 2008 is the date that may have changed the entertainment world forever. It was the day a cultural phenomenon was born. It was the day the movie Twilight was released." Four years ago today, all of us were probably sitting in the theater and watching Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, etc. come to life for the very first time. Four years ago, all of us saw a film that sunk it’s teeth so deep into our hearts that we never could get over it. Do you guys remember how you felt when you first saw it??

Can we start a petition to get Stephenie Meyer to finish Midnight Sun now that the movies are done?

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You know, at first I didn’t want to be excited about Breaking Dawn Part 2. I was more sad that it was ending and so I wanted to hold onto these last few weeks for as long as possible. I was dreading the release simply because that was going to be it. But seeing the new stills, it made me realize that this is the last time to be excited. And so instead of sitting around already mourning the end of this era, I should celebrate that it’s not quite over yet. Time is going to pass by no matter what my mood is, so I might as well be excited as if there were more to come. Normally I would post this on my more personal blog, but in case any other Twihards felt guilty for counting down the days, I just wanted to say, Be excited!!!

-Mel  xxx

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