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Back in 2008, Rob was so worried about the mania surrounding Twilight, if it would last, if the movie would live up to the hype for fans. Five years later and even more fans are lining up for the final premiere. It’s pretty safe to say that it did that and more.

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Deepest condolences go out to Ashley Greene. Losing a dog is like losing a child.</3 


“Twilight argues that true love will triumph in the end, which may or may not be true, but if it’s a lie, it’s the most beautiful lie we have.”




Edward: So Bella…how about that sexy time in the bath? 

why didn’t they show the bath? granted, i wouldn’t be alive right now, but watching edward & bella in a bathtub would have been a satisfying way to die. 

new mooooooooooooon

that’s the one i choose. :) 

tomorrow i’m gonna do a workout and watch one of the twilight movies. which one guys?? which one??

When you get nostalgic and you think about this experience, what memory always seems to come to mind for you?


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a poem i wrote:

So, ever since I got the Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD, I’ve been having major post-Twilight depression. It may be because it’s just, ‘march, middle of the semester,’ or because it’s really sinking in that that part of my life is over. I wrote this poem in November and I just wanted to share it with you because I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way about the saga. xxx

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Someone please tell me why Breaking Dawn Part 2 wasn’t nominated for ANY MTV movie awards??? I mean, just the fact that they screwed us last year and the ratings went down proves that our fanbase has been a major portion of their show. I’m really sad because I was looking forward to that one last show because, well…the Saga is over so what else was there? That’d be like medicine to sooth this emptiness I feel. I know that seems dramatic, but really, Twilight has been a big part of my life and I hate how it’s vanishing. 

I think that we’re in the right to complain, my fellow Twihards. It was US who voted hundreds and hundreds of times before each award show to vote for our actors and movies and kisses! Even when more and more people jumped off the bandwagon, we stayed the committed and dedicated fans we are. 

Let’s start a rebellion. #ProtestMTV <3 lol. For real though. 

i literally just had an emotional breakdown watching breaking dawn part 2 on dvd. 

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